I have been collecting hoya for several years and have curated a collection of hundreds of species, and I am always hunting for more! The Hoya genus can be very addictive (as perhaps you yourself know) as collectors are attracted by various leaf shapes, patterns and colors, as well as their variety of inflorescences, many of them prized for their unique fragrances. However, a major challenge for the hobby has been the (lack of) availability of species in Europe.

I started out posting pictures to my Instagram account @Hoyafixationthat reflect my passion for growing plants. Sales took place through the website, as my IG followers will probably remember! Hoyafixation's operations still take place as an auxiliary business under Arkkitehtitoimisto A-Studio Oy. However, after some suggestions from customers and my own daydreams, the idea of ​​setting up an online store arose.

Nowadays, my main goal is to provide rare and otherwise hard-to-find plants. Sales are mainly focused on cuttings, which are propagated from my own mother plants grown at home. Because my cultivation is limited by space, every plant is important to me and is cared for with love. I really enjoy growing the cuttings into mature plants that can sometimes even burst into flower! Now, I want to offer that joy to you as well. 💚

Oxana Shtraukhman/ Hoyafixation