HOYAFIXATION is now it's own webshop!

HOYAFIXATION is an online plant shop based in Oulu, Finland. Our selection focuses on Hoya genera, which we grow from cuttings from our own mother plants at home.

In our wide selection of Hoya you will find cuttings, small plants and some large ones as well!

Order with confidence, even in winter! We have years of experience packing the plants warmly and safely, even down to -10C. When the weather conditions require, a heat pack is added to the package at no extra charge.

We value communication and feedback! Customer experience and satisfaction are so important to us!


When you order four normal-priced plants, you will receive a cutting of the Hoya-of-the-month as a free gift! The product will be automatically added to your shopping cart. Of course, you can opt out of the gift if you prefer by removing it from your cart, but who doesn’t love a free cutting?

January Hoya-of-the-month No 2: Hoya memoria x collina IR-26 (fresh cutting 2 nodes)